Roscommon County CAD-RMS-JMS Project

Roscommon County, in a collaborate effort with Denton, Gerrish, and Richfield Townships, is seeking to bring a unified public safety information system to its Central Dispatch, Sheriff Department, and Township Police Departments,  This system may also be used to assist fire and EMS agencies in all townships. The purpose of this project is to replace a nearly 20 year old Computer Aided Dispatch System, law enforcement records management system, and jail records management system, all of which are disparate from the other systems.  We will also explore the functionality of mobile information systems and technologies.

This plan for this project is to improve information gathering and sharing between the Central Dispatch County and local law enforcement, and all Roscommon County area fire and EMS agencies..  This will increase the speed of which information is shared, streamline the overall process which, in turn, should result in reduced man-hours.  As a result, there hopes to be an overall cost savings to all citizens of Roscommon County.

Prospective vendors should check this site frequently for updates.  We intend to update this page as the project moves forward.  We intend to post appropriate documents and questions with answers as they are raised.  

All questions about this project may be forwarded to Roscommon Central Dispatch at:   


  1. CAD-RMS-JMS Request For Information ver. 05212022 - click to download or view
  2. CAD-RMS-JMS QA Sheet 1 - click to download
  3. CAD-JMS-RMS QA Sheet 2  - click to download