Welcome to the Roscommon County Sheriff's Department. As Sheriff for the County of Roscommon, it is an honor and a pleasure to serve the citizens of the county. The Roscommon County Sheriff's Department continually strives to improve the services we offer, to be innovative and proactive in reducing crime and to strengthen our ties to the citizens we serve. I am very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to meeting the challenges of the future.

Our success is credited solely to the men and women of the Roscommon County Sheriff's Department and their endless devotion to the organization. We will continue to strive to enhance the quality of life in Roscommon County by providing the highest quality of service through honor, professionalism, compassion and accountability.

Drug Drop Off Program: Sheriff encourages citizens to use the Drug Drop Off Box located in our lobby.  Any unused or expired prescriptions can be disposed of with no questions asked.

Freedom of Information Act

ATTENTION:  3/13/2020

RE: Governor Whitmer's State of Emergency COVID-19

ALL Mortgage Foreclosure Sales will be adjourned until further notice.  Adjournments will be posted on the front window of the Roscommon County Municipal Building for the public to view.

This is due to limited access into the Roscommon County Municipal Building.

Sheriff Ed Stern

Ed Stern

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