Prosecuting Attorney

The office of Prosecuting Attorney was established by provision of the Michigan constitution and is responsible for the prosecution of all violations of state criminal law within the county. The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer and represents the county in all criminal/civil matters before District, Circuit, Appellate and Supreme Courts, as well as federal courts where the county is a party or has interests.


The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is handling all emergency hearings, warrants, contact with victims, etc. that are determined essential during the COVID-19 closure.

During this closure, you can email the Prosecuting Attorney at the email address listed below and leave a phone number and a brief description of the nature of your contact. Unless it is an emergency, or is determined to that an immediate response is required, all emails will be responded to when the office reopens.

As always, emergencies and reports of crimes should be reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Email Prosecutors Office