Boating Violations

Violation Fee
Allow minor (12-16 years) to operate PWC without boater’s safety $225
Careless operation of watercraft $240
Fail to display numbers $100
Fail to register watercraft $100
Improper numbering $85
Excessive noise/mufflers $285
Operate boat without lights $120
No boater’s safety certificate $180
No boater’s safety certificate on person $180
Personal flotation devices (PFD’s) not accessible $100
No personal flotation device (PFD’s) for child less than 6 years of age $125
Violation of 100-200 foot rule - no wake personal watercraft $225
Minor under age 16 operate personal watercraft/motorboat without adult supervision $205
Operate personal watercraft after designated hours $225
Tow skier without observer $135
Ski during prohibited hours $135
Refuse preliminary breath test (PBT) $150
Fail to yield $135
Equipment violations, no fire extinguisher, whistle/horn, no lights $100
Dive without diver’s flag $225
Operate watercraft within 200 feet of diver’s flag $225
Operate watercraft within marked restricted area $225