Snowmobile Violations

Violation Fee
No trail permit $100
Careless/negligent operation of a snowmobile $240
No registration $180
No helmet $180
Fail to transfer registration $180
Improper use of dealer registration $180
Fail to exhibit registration on demand $180
Display fictitious numbers $180
Numbers/decals not displayed or improper $180
Operate in prohibited area $225
Operate within plowed portion of public highway/road $225
Operate snowmobile on wrong side of a road - fail to keep right $225
Fail to yield right of way $225
Fail to yield right of way - causing accident $250
Operate on county road system $225
Operate on limited access highway $225
Equipment violations - lights, brakes $175
Operating restrictions $225
Trespassing $490
Reckless driving $330
Allow unsupervised minor to operate (under 12 years of age) $225
Flee and elude officer $325
Fail to stop on command $225
Improper crossing highway/road $225
Improper crossing highway/road causing accident $250
Transport loaded gun on snowmobile $295
Operate within 100 feet of pedestrians $225
Refuse PBT (preliminary breath test) $180