Hunting Violations

Violation Fee
Hunt/purchase small game license without completing hunter education course $295
Hunt waterfowl over baited area $245
Procure license under false pretenses $295
Loaded firearm in motorboat $295
No migratory waterfowl stamp $195
No Federal stamp - fail to sign stamp $195
Shoot waterfowl from motorboat or car $245
Hunt ducks with shotgun capable of holding more than 3 shells $245
Leave decoys overnight $245
Mutilated duck $245
Hunt geese - closed area $245
Hunt other than authorized hours $245
Use lead shot in steel shot area $245
Unplugged gun $245
Fail to retrieve waterfowl $245
No name/address on duck blind $245
Use more than 1 firearm while hunting waterfowl $245
No state waterfowl license $195
No wild turkey license (Michigan resident) $195
No wild turkey license (Non-Michigan resident) $245
Possess more than 1 turkey license $245
Hunt turkey with unlawful firearm/shot size $245
No deer license (Michigan resident) $245
No deer license (Non-Michigan resident) $295
Improper tag or tag not valid $195
Fail to tag or possess untagged animal $245
Transport shotgun or slugs between sunset and sunrise $245
Shining in November $245
Bait violations/Use of bait for deer hunting $295
Violation Deer Feeding Regulations-for viewing deer not hunting $245
Transport loaded gun or strung bow in a motor vehicle $295
Uncased gun or bow in a motor vehicle $245
Hunt other than authorized hours $245
Place ground blind on public land prior to date for season $245
Illegal tree stand or blind $245
No name or address on tree stand or blind $245
Discharge firearm within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling $340
No hunter’s orange $245