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The priority of the Roscommon County Housing Commission is to provide decent, safe, warm and sanitary housing for low and moderate income families. Programs offered by the Commission are structured to help the low/moderate income residents of Roscommon County afford to make improvements to their homes.

Housing Director
Laura MacKillop


Housing Programs

County CDBG Program
Roscommon County has Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to allow 0% interest loans and deferred loans up to $35,000 for residents of Roscommon County to bring their homes to HUD’s Minimum Housing Quality Standards (HQS).
Payments on the loans can be extended up to 15 years to keep payments affordable. Payments paid back to the county are reloaned to other county residents for the same type of home improvement activities.
If eligible for deferred loans, no payments are required by the homeowner as long as they continue to own and occupy the home. There is a lien on the property until the property changes hands; at that time, the full amount is due. These loans are 0% interest loans.
CDBG funds may also be leveraged with outside funding to replace old, deteriorated homes that are considered to be seriously substandard and cannot be upgraded to meet HQS within the $35,000 maximum. Listed are some of the requirements for the Roscommon County CDBG funds:

  • The home must be located in Roscommon County.
  • The home must be owned and occupied by the owner; rental homes are not eligible. One-year residence is required for replacement.
  • Property taxes, mortgage payments, or land contract payments, cannot be delinquent. Land Contracts cannot have a balloon payment and must be subordinated by the land contract holder.
  • Approvals of CDBG loans are determined by the Roscommon County Housing Advisory Board.
  • Income of the household must be between 50% and 80% of the area median income levels for 50% deferred and 50% monthly payment loans.
  • Income of the household must be under 50% of the area median income levels for 100% deferred loans.

Listed are only some of the requirements, please contact the Roscommon County Housing Commission for more information.

Emergency Repairs
Emergency repair loans are available to homeowners that may have a one-time need such as: furnace, hot water tank, well, septic system, leaking roof, electrical or plumbing hazards. The amount of the single emergency repair cannot exceed $5,000 and the applicant is restricted to one loan. These are 0%-interest loans; the applicants annual income will establish the terms.

PIP Loans
Property Improvement Program (PIP) loans are available through the Roscommon County Housing Commission. These loans are for people with income up to $74,750 annually. Interest is according to the gross annual income of the household from 4% to 8% as follows:
Less than $19,999
$20,000 – $39,999
$40,000 – $74,750
You may qualify for a PIP loan if:

  • You are buying your home or own it free and clear.
  • You have a good credit record and ability to repay the loan.

You can borrow up to $50,000 and take up to 30 years to repay. Work must be performed by a licensed contractor.
With a PIP loan, you can do just about anything to your home such as: insulation, furnace, new siding, repair roof, install new windows, put in new plumbing, remodel kitchen or bath, upgrade electrical, build an addition, garage, or deck. Luxury items are not allowed. All improvements must be permanent to the house.

PIP – Plus
The PIP – Plus funding is a combination of CDBG funding with PIP funding. Fifty-percent of the project cost, up to $10,000 can be funded with HOME funds that will be forgiven in five years. The other 50% will be a PIP loan with monthly payments at 4 to 8% interest. Homeowners must qualify for a PIP loan, have annual income under 80% of median income and bring the home to HQS standards to qualify for PIP – Plus.

Listed above are only some of the requirements for programs available through the Roscommon County Housing Commission. For complete details and more information, contact the Housing Commission at (989) 275-8306.

Income Limits by Household Size
  Family Size 50% of Median Income 80% of Median Income  
  1 $18,500 $29,600  
  2 $21,150 $33,800  
  3 $23,800 $38,050  
  4 $26,400 $42,250  
  5 $28,550 $45,650  
  6 $30,650 $49,050  
  7 $32,750 $52,400  
  8 $34,850 $55,800