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34th Circuit Court

Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction for the 34th Judicial Circuit. It is the court of jurisdiction for all civil actions, claims and remedies within the county except for matters handled by the 82nd District or Probate Court. Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil cases with amounts over $25,000, cases involving land, domestic relations, and  appeals from the Probate and District Courts and various administrative tribunals, plus injunctions and other equity matters.All criminal matters that carry a one-year sentence or more are held in Circuit Court. The Court is responsible for the operation of the probation department, friend of the court and the jury commission.  The Family Division of the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over delinquency, name changes, personal protection orders, adoptions, emancipations, and child protection.  


The 34th Circuit is a dial-county Circuit serving Roscommon and Ogemaw Counties. Information provided on this page is primarily for the 34th Circuit Court for Roscommon County.  For Ogemaw County 34th Circuit Court information, click here.

500 Lake St., Roscommon, MI 48653-7690
(989) 275-4776  FAX: (989) 275-6321

Chief Judge     Richard E. Noble
34th Circuit Court – Roscommon     (989) 275-1902
 Circuit Judge   Hon. Michael J. Baumgartner
      Court Administrator   Terri Collini
(989) 275-7610
     Deputy Court Administrator Cheryl Ward
(989) 345-3560
     Chief Deputy Court Clerk Lynn Williams
(989) 275-1902
     Law Clerk/Office Staff Assistant Dawn LaCasse
(989) 275-4776
34th Circuit Court Family Division  (989) 275-5221
Family Court Judge   Hon. Douglas C. Dosson
     Court Administrator Terri Collini
(989) 275-7610
     Deputy Court Administrator   Debra Willett
     Juvenile Officer   Tracy Hallead
     Juvenile Probation Officer   Katy Nolph
     Juvenile Probation Officer   Sharon Taboada
Roscommon County Probate Court   (989) 275-5221
Probate Court Judge   Hon. Douglas C. Dosson
     Probate Court Administrator   Debra Willett
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