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For precinct and registration information, contact your municipal clerk:

Township Clerk Phone
AuSable Kathleen Wray 989-275-9729
Backus Louise M. Nagy 989-389-7708
Denton Carol A. Asher 989-366-5913
Gerrish Kathleen Patchin 989-821-9313
Higgins Vacant 989-275-8112
Lake Cindy Russo 989-422-3431
Lyon Anna Reno 989-821-9694
Markey Sheryl Tussey 989-366-9614
Nester Carolyn Corlew 989-426-5459
Richfield Pamela Scott 989-389-4994
Roscommon Barbara Stevenson 989-422-4116
Village Dawn Dodge 989-275-5743

Vote Registration

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