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The duties of the Clerk are prescribed by state statute and include: Clerk of the Court, keeper of the Circuit Court Seal, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners, Clerk of the County Election Canvassers, Clerk of the gun board, Register of vital statistics, files assumed name certificates and co-partnerships and is a member of the county plat board. Fees are established by law and turned over to the general fund.

500 Lake St., Roscommon, MI 48653-7690       (989) 275-5923  FAX: (989) 275-8640

County Clerk
Michelle M. Stevenson

Chief Deputy Clerk
Jamie Paille

 Deputy Clerk
Nichole Massara

Our office now accepts Credit Cards for your convenience.

For Election information, please click: Elections

Clerk Fee Schedule:  Effective July 23, 2014

Vital Record Certified Copy $10.00
Vital Record Additional Certified Copies $5.00
Laminating $1.50
Marriage License – Resident $20.00
Marriage License – Non-Resident $30.00
Marriage License – Same Day Fee $20.00
Assumed Name (DBA) + 2 Free Certified Copies $10.00
Assumed Name (DBA) Certified Copies $2.00
Assumed Name (DBA) List (per page) $1.00
Notary Fee – Bond $10.00
Notary Fee – Signature $0.00
Copies $1.00
Photos $10.00
Digital Photos (for CPL) $5.00
CPL $105.00
Qualified Voter List – Disk $35.00
Qualified Voter Labels/per sheet $1.00
Fax Fee plus per page $2.00 + $1.00/page
Cremation Authorization $15.00
Veteran’s Peddler’s License $0.00
Shipping for Plat Book $3.00
Replacement CPL w/Digital Photo $15.00




Marriage License Notes:
AGE: Both applicants must be 18 years of age/ 16 with parental consent. One applicant must be a resident of the county.  There is a 3-day waiting period for the marriage license.