What does alternative sentencing do?
Alternative sentencing reduces crowding in state prisons and county jails by placing non-violent offenders in structured programs which do not jeopardize public safety. In this way, low-risk offenders are able to pay back victims and society through restitution and community service work. Community Corrections is working to develop additional middle-range sentencing options for the courts in every jurisdiction throughout the State.

With the goal of reducing recidivism, Community Corrections offers an array of treatment and educational services to non-violent offenses. The 34th Circuit Community Corrections Program enables local government officials and citizens to become involved in the development and operation of its alternative correctional programs through participation and/or inputs to its planning and decision making process through the 34th Circuit Community Corrections Advisory Board.

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1. What is Community Corrections?
2. Who normally qualifies for P.A. 511?
3. Why Community Corrections?
4. What does alternative sentencing do?
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6. What is the purpose of the Community Corrections Advisory Board?
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