Mortgage Foreclosure Sales


The Roscommon County Sheriff only acts as the auctioneer for the mortgage foreclosure sales, and does not have prior information about the sales, such as what property and/or the price of property. Property sale information is available after 1:30 pm Thursday before the scheduled Friday sale.

The sales are held every Friday in the Main Entrance of the County Courthouse, which is located at 500 Lake St. Roscommon, MI 48653.

Bid sheets which have been delivered to the Office of the Sheriff will be read off promptly at 11:00 a.m. Interested bidders should be certain to arrive in time to hear if the property is listed for sale on that day. If the property is not read off, this would indicate that the sale has either been cancelled or postponed to a later date.

One hour after completion of reading the bids, the auction of each individual piece of property will commence. Each property will be auctioned in the order in which it was read from the bid sheets.

In the event that no bids are made on a particular piece of property, the sale on that property will be considered final and later bids will not be allowed. If bids are made on a particular piece of property, the auction will continue until there is one final highest bidder. After the initial One Dollar ($1) overbid, all bids must be in a minimum of One Hundred ($100) Dollar increments. Once the highest bid has been made on a particular piece of property, the sale will be considered final and no further bids will be accepted.

The successful 3rd party bidder will be present for payment 2 cashier/certified checks. The first check will be for the amount that satisfies the bank and will be made payable to the appropriate party. Please note: The amount of the check may or may not be the amount published in the legal notice. It is the bidder's responsibility to contact the mortgagee to determine the correct amount. The second check will be for the overbid amount and will be made payable to Roscommon County Treasurer.Fees payable to the Register of Deeds will become the responsibility of the successful bidder. In the event that a successful bid is in excess of the amount listed in the legal notice, the successful bidder will be allowed one hour to present the additional necessary funds.

Bidders are obligated to fulfill this contract. It is, therefore, strongly urged that bidders bring as much money in certified/cashiers checks with them to the auction as they feel necessary to secure the property. Bidders will be asked to produce their certified/cashiers check for the amount of the money listed in the legal notice at the time of the bid.

The paperwork necessary to issue the Sheriff’s Deed is completed at the Roscommon County Sheriff's Office, 111 S. Second St, Roscommon, MI 48653. 

Unless a confirmed bankruptcy or court action necessitates a sale being canceled or adjourned, all sales are considered final. We suggest all interested bidders contact the bankruptcy court in the morning prior to the sales for pertinent information.

Please call our office at 989-275-5101.