Chamber of Commerce

  1. Higgins Lake-Roscommon

    Browse through events, attractions, news, and directories for the Higgins Lake-Roscommon Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Houghton Lake

    The Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of the business community. It is funded solely through membership investment and non-dues sources like proceeds from events hosted by the Chamber.

  3. St. Helen

    Discover community events, amenities, and information for the St. Helen Chamber of Commerce.

  4. Travel & Tourism Bureau

    Roscommon County is your family vacation destination. Here you will find 4 seasons of fun, fishing, fireworks and festivals. Michigan’s Other Great Lakes - Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake and Lake St. Helen will delight you with their natural beauty, wildlife viewing, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.