Gypsy Moth Program


Roscommon County 2021 Gypsy Moth Spray Map Township Participation Program
If your property is not on the 2021 spray map and you would like to be added, contact your Township office.

40-acre minimum if not adjacent to existing spray blocks.

No minimum acreage     required for properties   directly adjacent to         existing spray blocks.

Parcels enrolled must be sprayed in their entirety.

Cost: $25.99 per acre or partial acre, payable to the Township.

Townships must complete and submit proper form to the County by March 10, 2021.

It's time to remove gypsy moth egg masses!

Every egg mass contains 100-1,000 caterpillars! But by using a few management strategies, you can significantly impact the gypsy moth population on your property. Starting now, by removing gypsy moth egg masses. But make sure to do it effectively.

Simply scraping egg masses onto the ground won't kill the caterpillars. Click here for information on how to effectively destroy egg masses, along with other strategies landowners can use to manage gypsy moth.

2021 Gypsymoth Spray Block Map


The Michigan State Law prohibits a Gypsy Moth Survey Team from entering your property to look for egg masses if any of these types of signs are displayed at the entrance:
  • Properties marked - “No Trespassing” or “Private and Gated/cabled” or “Private - No Trespassing”
  • Private driveways marked - “Private - Do Not Enter” or “No Trespassing” or “Private Driveway-Gated or Cabled”
To grant permission and be surveyed --- put wording below your sign that says: “Except Gypsy Moth” or contact the program office for a sticker.