Gypsy Moth Program

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Learn about spongy moth--its history and its management

New Name, Familiar Pest: Preparing for Lymantria dispar (formerly known as gypsy moth) recording and Q&A sheet are available!

Get the webinar recording here.

Manage Spongy moth egg masses!

Reduce the nuisance and damage to your property: remove and destroy spongy moth egg masses now.

REMOVE egg masses by carefully scraping them off the tree so as not to damage tree bark.

DESTROY egg masses by
-Soaking them in soapy water for 48 hours, or  
-Burning them, or              
-Burying them.


Leave egg masses in place and saturate with a biologic oil. (Click on each option for more information.)

-Biologic Golden Pest Oil   

-Neem Oil     

-50/50 Home Blend

at base of tree

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View the RECORDING of the

Spongy Moth Update!

Learn about spongy moth, their management, what to expect this season, and the services the Roscommon County Gypsy Moth Suppression Program provides.

MOTH BUSTERS Spongy Moth Egg Mass Hunt 2022

Roscommon County residents of all ages are encouraged to join the Moth Busters Spongy Moth Egg Mass Hunt from April 1 through May 31.

Youth are eligible to win prizes!

Get details here.

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The Michigan State Law prohibits a Gypsy Moth Survey Team from entering your property to look for egg masses if any of these types of signs are displayed at the entrance:
  • Properties marked - “No Trespassing” or “Private and Gated/cabled” or “Private - No Trespassing”
  • Private driveways marked - “Private - Do Not Enter” or “No Trespassing” or “Private Driveway-Gated or Cabled”
To grant permission and be surveyed --- put wording below your sign that says: “Except Gypsy Moth” or contact the program office for a sticker.