County Townships

  1. AuSable Township

    Find contact information for township officials, as well as information on meetings, taxes, and garbage collection.

  2. Backus Township

    Find contact information for Backus Township and Township meeting information.

  3. Denton Township

    Denton Township is located in central Roscommon County along the southeast coastline of Houghton Lake, Michigan's largest inland lake. Its largest community is Prudenville, where township offices are located.

  4. Gerrish Township

    The Township of Gerrish is located in the Northwestern portion of Roscommon County. The primary attraction for our visitors is Higgins Lake which has been rated by National Geographic as the world's 6th most beautiful lake due in part because of the unusual depths of the middle of the lake combined with the source of water being underground springs.

  5. Higgins Township

    Higgins Township is located in Roscommon County, Michigan with a population of 2,061 people. With the number of retirees projected to double in number, coupled with potential increases in tourism, vacationing, hunting, fishing winter sports, commercial retail and services needs and industrial manufacturing, including forest products, portends future growth that will become the areas future history.

  6. Lake Township

    The vision of Lake Township is to provide our citizens and visitors a safe, pleasant and fun environment to live, work and enjoy. As stewards of the western shore of Houghton Lake, we understand what it takes to keep our waterways clean, safe and accessible to the general public.

  7. Lyon Township

    Learn about Lyon Township, situated on beautiful Higgins Lake. Find services, activities, and businesses all located within this beautiful and growing township.

  8. Markey Township

    Present day Markey Township was established on April 21, 1887, when it was divided from Gerrish Township by an act of the Michigan Legislature. Learn about services provided by the Markey Township and amenities located here.

  9. Nester Township

    Find contact information and meeting dates for the Nester Township.

  10. Richfield Township

    Learn what St. Helen and the surrounding area has to offer. The many miles of natural shoreline provides an unsurpassed backdrop for activities on Lake St. Helen.

  11. Roscommon Township

    Home to Michigan's largest inland lake with nearly 4,500 residents, Roscommon Township contains the communities of Houghton Lake and Houghton Lake Heights encompassing 4 miles of shoreline. Recent accomplishments include a Disc Golf Course, the annexation of Lakeview Park per a recent grant, and the fifth annual Movie In The Park.

  12. Village of Roscommon

    The Village of Roscommon, due to its geographical location, has many recreational opportunities including canoeing, hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snow-shoe trails, nature walking, bird watching, cycling, camping, hiking, nearby ice fishing, ORV trails, and other outdoor sports. Roscommon is also home to many annual festivals and events, celebrating our beauty and culture.