• Determine eligibility for all Veteran's Affairs (VA) programs
  • Assist veterans, spouse and children in applying for benefits
  • Initiate service-connected compensation or pension claims with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Guide veterans through the process of gathering medical documentation to support service-connected compensation and/or pension claims
  • Initiate request for lost military documentation and separation papers (DD 214, 53-55)
  • Assist in enrollment for VA facilities
  • Help secure transportation to VA facilities
  • Assist in applying for Education and/or Vocational Rehabilitation Program
  • Dependence Indemnity Compensation Assistance
  • Death and Burial benefits


To assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining any and all county, state and federal benefits to which they are entitled.

Grant Programs

  • Veterans Relief
  • Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

Boards & Commissions

Happening in the Veteran's Office

Roscommon County Veteran Outreach Team

Members of the Veteran Outreach Committee are, from left, Heath Nemeth, Jodi Valentino, Lori Darga, Tom Shepard, Daryl Kujat, A.J. Wesler, Ron Schrieber, Don Mraz and Sheriff Ed Stern. The team will help direct inmates and homeless Veterans to resources for the help they need.

 Veterans Outreach Group

Veterans Coffee Hour

A great turnout of Veterans helped to make the first Veterans Coffee Hour at the Houghton Lake airport a huge success! Remember, we do this at 9 a.m. on the first Thursday of every month.

FirstCoffeeHourVets (1)

Introducing Veteran's Relaxation Room

The start of the new Veterans relaxation room to help combat the effects of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD), anxiety and depression. 10,000 LUX Vitamin D lamp and massage chair! Thank you for your service Roscommon County Veterans.

Massage chair
Coffee flyer

Serving Local Veterans Through National Offices

Roscommon County Veteran Affairs Office is working with National Service Organizations to fulfill the needs of our veterans. Pictured, left to right, County Veteran Affairs Director Heath Nemeth, local veteran Florian Klein, Marine Corps League Michigan Director Liz Cuddington and County Veterans Service Officer Lori Darga.

Helping Local Vets

Christmas Party!

It was an honor and a privilege to celebrate Christmas with the amazing Veterans of Roscommon County. Thank you for your service!

Veterans XMas pic
Department of the Army Seal
Department of the Navy Seal
Department of the Air Force Seal
Department of the Coast Guard Seal
Marine Corps Seal