The priority of the Roscommon County Housing Commission is to provide decent, safe, warm and sanitary housing for low and moderate income families. Programs offered by the Commission are structured to help the low/moderate income residents of Roscommon County afford to make improvements to their homes

 Family Size   50% of Median Income    80% of Median Income
 1   $18,450   $29,500
2   $21,050   $33,700
3   $23,700   $37,900
4   $26,300   $42,100
5   $28,450   $45,500
6   $30,550   $48,850
 7   $32,650   $52,250
8   $34,750   $55,600
  1. County CDBG Program

    Roscommon County has Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to allow 0% interest loans and deferred loans up to $40,000 for residents of Roscommon County to bring their homes to Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS).

  2. Emergency Repairs

    Emergency repair loans are available to homeowners that may have a one-time need. Read the requirements and application details.

  3. Property Improvement Program

    Property Improvement Program (PIP) loans are available through the Roscommon County Housing Commission. Find qualifications and interest rates for this program.

  4. Property Improvement Program Plus

    The PIP – Plus funding is a combination of HOME funding with PIP funding. Learn about available funding, variable interest rates, and rate tables.