Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Department is tasked with the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks within our community. This department has 4 phases for managing emergencies:
  • Assist the community in the recovery and restoration of the affected area so it is returned to it’s original state
  • Coordinate with area stakeholders to plan, organize, train and equip them so that everyone is better prepared for disasters
  • Work with the community to identify hazards and take steps to prevent hazards before developing into disasters
  • Mobilize necessary emergency services to deal with the emergency up to and including a national response
Roscommon County Emergency Management is committed to serve the community in time of disaster.

Disaster Assistance
Please complete the Disaster Assistance Information Form if you are on oxygen or any other medical therapy that is dependent on electricity. After you submit the form to Central Dispatch and when there are power outages in your area, someone will be able to check that your medical needs are being met.