Community Corrections Advisory Board

Corrections Programs
Sheriff’s Work Program
Eligible, non-violent jail inmates in each county jail perform community service work under intensive or passive supervision and earn early release time up to 1/2 of their jail sentence for successful performance.

Employment Advocacy
Employable skills training is provided to unemployed or underemployed inmates and probationers and General Educational Development (GED) preparation and testing for inmates or probationers lacking a high school diploma or GED. EA is offered at the Roscommon County Jail to inmates and up to 3 days early release time is awarded for completion of employable skills and each GED subject test passed. Non-incarcerated probationers from the 3-county area may complete or enroll in EA at the Houghton Lake Adult and Community Education Center.

Community Service Work Placement
Another jail diversion program for those probationary offenders sentenced to perform community service work in lieu of jail or in addition to a shortened jail sentence, the P.A. 511 Program provides supervisory oversight and relieves overworked probation officers from having to perform this function.

Probation Residential Services (Eligible Felons Only)

Non-violent felons are placed in certified licensed probation residential centers for substance abuse treatment and/or to provide 24-hour structured programs to assist in helping the offender to become an employable, responsible citizen. Program terms range from 70-90 days and 30 days earned release time is awarded for successful completion. The PRS Program is available to eligible felons in each county. Substance abuse cases are referred to Harbor Hall (Petoskey), Sunrise Center (Alpena) and Ten Sixteen Home (Midland). Non-substance abuse cases are referred to Tri-CAP (Saginaw)

In-Jail Substance Abuse Treatment

A 60-day treatment program offered at the Arenac and Roscommon County Jails to eligible non-violent offenders. Ogemaw County inmates are exchanged to participate. 20 days earned release time is deducted from the jail sentence for successful completion.

Day Reporting Service
Intensive daily supervision service for non-violent offenders released early from jail and sentenced or remanded to Day Reporting Service (DRS), or for probationers sentenced to Day Reporting (DR) in lieu of jail. The program is also open to pre-trial, un-sentenced non-violent offenders. DRS is available in all 3 counties. DR is a jail diversion program and a form of daily structured supervision where participants file an itinerary or schedule with the DRS Supervisor (DRSS) and must call in daily at a specific time to inform the DRSS of their plans for the day. The DRSS randomly orders participants to report in-person and may subject the participant to PBT and/or drug testing to determine if the participant is complying with court or probation orders. On occasion, the DRSS may spot check a participant to see if he/she is in compliance with their daily schedule. Graduated sanctions may be applied, including jail, for DR infractions.

In-Jail and Outpatient Sexual Conduct Mental Health Treatment
A prison diversion program offered at the Roscommon County Jail to offenders convicted of CSC2 and CSC4 offenses. No earned release time is awarded for successful completion due to the nature of the crime(s). CSC offenders transferred from the Arenac and Ogemaw jails are also eligible for the program. Following completion of their jail sentence, participants are usually court-ordered to continue treatment via outpatient group therapy for another year or 2. P.A. 511 funds a counselor to Outpatient Group Therapy for these offenders. The group meets biweekly in the Roscommon County Annex.

Cognitive Self-Change

A 90-day program that provides counseling to non-violent incarcerated problem offenders (uncooperative, poor attitude, etc). Participants are taught to identify and assess the thinking cycle that leads them to their criminal behavioral activity. Participants then learn to employ tools and strategies to detour themselves. Program is conducted at the Arenac and Roscommon County Jails and inmates are exchanged from the other 2 counties. 10-days earned release time for successful completion.